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Neurogenic Shock


Imbalance between ^ parasympathetic & decrease in sympathetic stimulation of smooth muscle

  • Sustained vasodilatation, loss of SVR
  • Trauma to spinal cord, head injury
  • Spinal anesthesia
  • Severe pain

Assessment Findings:

  • Early bradycardia
  • Decrease CVP
  • MAP falls
  • Early warm & pink, later cool & pale
  • Pulse slow, bounding
  • Anxious, restless, lethargic, coma
  • Lowered body temp

Preventative Nursing Care:

  • Maintain immobility of clients with spinal cord injury
  • Monitor closely following spinal anesthesia
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The answer is rarely call the physician. The NCLEX only wants to know what you would do first, not what the doctor would do. #NCLEXtips